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About Us

Provincial Airways is headquartered at the Moose Jaw Municipal Airport in Saskatchewan. We also operate out of Rosetown, SK and seasonally out of Biggar, Davidson, Balcarres, Riceton, and Grenfell, SK. Moose Jaw and Rosetown are pleased to be full service FBO’s that provide Aerial Application, Fuel Sales, Aircraft Maintenance, Tie-down and Hangar Storage.

The Moose Jaw Municipal Airport (CJS4) is well maintained year round and is equipped with a 4,000 ft asphalt runway, lighting and an IFR approach. We are located 7 miles northeast of the city just off of Highway 301 North. The aviation community is very strong in our surrounding area. Moose Jaw is also the home to 15 Wing Canadian Forces Air Base (CYMJ) where military pilots from all over the world are trained. They are located south of Moose Jaw; caution should be taken when visiting CJS4 to ensure you do not try and land at the military base by mistake – it has happened!  The Rosetown Airport (CJX4) is equipped with a lighted 2,575 ft asphalt runway and IFR approach. It is located 3 miles east northeast of Rosetown just off of Highway 7.

Jim Wood, a farmer from Pense, Saskatchewan started Precision West Ag over 30 years ago. Precision West Ag still provides Aerial Application services at various locations around Saskatchewan and now includes aerial survey, flight training and aircraft rental. Over the years, Precision West utilized Pawnee’s, Hughes Helicopters, S2R’s, AG-Cats, and an M-18 Dromader in its fleet of Ag aircraft, which was based out of his farm near Pense. In 2008, Precision West Ag took over Provincial Airways, an Aerial Application business located at the Moose Jaw Municipal Airport. In 2013 Provincial Airways acquired West Central Air in Rosetown, SK and began operations in Rosetown and surrounding areas. We now operate approximately ten aircraft, most of which are Thrush S2R Turbo Prop Models.

It takes a large and dedicated staff to maintain our business. Employees at Provincial Airways are all very passionate about aviation and agriculture. Currently we have a maintenance staff of seven including our operations manager, 5 licensed aircraft maintenance engineers and 2 apprentices. Collectively there is over 100 years of aircraft maintenance experience. We have ten seasonal pilots to operate our Ag aircraft. There is a full time office manager and multiple seasonal office assistants ensuring everything runs smoothly. We employ 5-10 aircraft loaders seasonally to load planes for us in the summer.  In the Fall of 2021, we hired a Chief Flight Instructor, and are now pleased to offer flight training.  All of our staff are continuing their aviation education through flight training, recurrent training, and maintenance apprenticeship programs. Our staff are great examples of Provincial Airways’ strong future in aviation.

We take a great deal of pride in our maintenance facilities. In Moose Jaw we have a modern 10,000 sq ft hangar well equipped to handle any Ag Aircraft, as well as a 14,400 sq ft storage hangar adjacent to it. In Rosetown we have a 12,000 sq ft hangar. We have an impressive array of tools, as well as a current and complete subscription to all maintenance manuals. We utilize a state of the art maintenance, tracking, parts and inventory software system that improves efficiency and helps with quality assurance. Our staff also has experience with many kinds of turbine engines, with type courses including line and heavy maintenance. Our shop is a Transport Canada AMO #61-20 (Authorized Maintenance Organization) with a structure’s endorsement.

Today Provincial Airways is a thriving business that has a sizeable market share in Saskatchewan’s agriculture aviation industry. We primarily conduct Aerial Application operations around Moose Jaw, Pense, Regina, Rosetown, Biggar, Balcarres, Grenfell, and Davidson SK. We have excellent relationships with operators all over Canada. Often, we will help out other operators in Alberta and Manitoba. We are active members in good standing with the International, Canadian, and Saskatchewan Aerial Applicators Associations.

At Provincial Airways our focus has been to provide professional and effective Aerial Application and Aircraft Maintenance while maintaining strong relationships with our customers, community, and other industry competitors.


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